Friday, November 7, 2008

Welcome To "Vote For The Gooch"

Welcome To "Vote For The Gooch". I hope that many of you in the Teal Nation will support this effort trying to get Devin Setoguchi into the All-Star Game.

Many people remember Vancouver's bid to send Rory Fitzpatrick to the All-Star Game two years ago. This isn't like that. That was a mockery of a player who didn't deserve to be in the game. This is about seeing one of the top scorers in the league this year in our backyard and making sure he gets his time to shine in the NHL All-Star Game.

Any one who has been watching the Sharks this year has been seeing what Devin has been contributing to the team. He's taken a lot of the weight off of Patty and Jumbo Joe by rising to a great offensive threat to the Sharks' opponent.

I'll be posting after every game to update his stats, and once voting begins, I'll be trying to track the voting tally to the best of my ability. Once voting has started, be sure to stay tuned for the link to the voting.

Let's Go Sharks.

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